Old Miner's Day Celebration and Parade
Chloride residents treasure their hometown's rich mining history. Some families have lived in town for generations! On the third Saturday in October, Chloride honors its hard rock miners of the past with the Old Miner's Day Parade and Celebration. All proceeds go to the Chloride Chamber of Commerce's Special Events Committee.
To start off the day, Chloride's bakers prepare their one-of-a-kind treats for sale at the bake sale, starting at 9 am. Upside down pineapple cake and pecan pie are the bestsellers! Don't forget to buy raffle tickets... the prizes are always unusual and sometimes spectacular! You can still participate in the parade, just sign up in the Town Hall. Then watch a gunfight reenactment in the Chloride Historical Society's Cyanide Springs area at 11 am. At noon, the zany parade starts! Have lunch at Yesterdays Restaurant, and enjoy another gunfight reenactment at 1 pm. The parade awards celebration and prize raffle (at the Chloride Town Hall) round out the day!

Chloride Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

PO Box 268

Chloride, Arizona 86431

Email: chloridechamber@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chloridearizonachamberofcommerce/

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