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Events in Chloride

Chloride is not just a sleepy little town that has forgotten how to have fun.  Folks in town are busy planning events to keep the town active and on the map.  

Check the calendar for upcoming events. 

St. Patrick's Day Parade

On the Saturday on or before March 17th, the streets of Chloride fill up with decorated cars, and folks celebrating the Irish holiday. 

After the parade, awards are given out to winners of various categories and tickets are pulled for the amazing raffle prizes from vendors around the area. 

Old Miners' Day Parade

Chloride is very proud of its mining history and goes all out every year to celebrate that history and the men who created this townsite.  And of course, every parade begins with our famous bake sale!

The date of the next parade has not been set.  

All Town Yard Sale

Once in the spring and the fall, over 20 homes bring out items for an All Town Yard Sale.  Vendors are invited and of course the day begins with homemade baked goods!

Pick up a map at the Mineshaft Market, the bakesale, or Yesterdays Restaurant. 

Other events are being discussed and planned.  All Chloride residents are welcome to participate in the planning of any event. 

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