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Arizona Tourist Information Center and The Mineshaft Market

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM
           Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM

Conveniently located on Chloride's main street, Tennessee Avenue, the Arizona Tourist Information Center provides maps, directions, and brochures for many of our area's attractions. Questions?? The Mineshaft staff will be happy to help you with the most up to date information. The Mineshaft also offers a large selection of Chloride souvenirs including reasonably priced T-shirts and hats, mugs, coasters, books about the area as well as a selection of gift items including jewelry and metal nostalgic wall signs.
The Mineshaft Market is a hub for visitors and locals alike. They stock many staples, plus snacks like chips, crackers and ice cream bars in different flavors. They offer a full line of cold beverages. Forgot the fixings for your hot dog? You can get it at the Mineshaft Market.





Mineshaft Market
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