Chloride Townsite Committee

Chloride is not an incorporated town. It is under the supervision of Mohave County. From times past, several properties were in the name of Chloride Townsite, which is overseen by a trustee. The trustee is usually a Superior Court judge. Currently, the Hon. Charles W. Gurtler, Jun. is the trustee for Chloride Townsite.


Of course the County couldn't charge property taxes on these parcels, and over the years, a lot of people tried purchasing the parcels. And the Superior Court Judge doesn't really want to deal with it. But Arizona law has some very stringent rules on how properties like this must be sold or purchased.

After a lot of work by the judge and his staff, in 2017, in close cooperation with Mohave County, Chloride Townsite auctioned off several properties in town to private parties. Proceeds from these sales amounted to $72,020.73 and publication, certification, and appraisals cost $251.98, so there were $71,768.75 sitting in a bank account held by the Arizona Courts system that belong to Chloride Townsite. 

The Judge's best present to our little town was to dedicate the Town Hall (which is one of the Chloride Townsite properties) to Chloride and add a deed restriction to it, so it cannot be sold off easily. As long as Chloride uses the Town Hall for community events, the deed will remain restricted. Here is the full text of the document.

At a community meeting in November 2017, several ideas were brainstormed and volunteers were selected to research these projects. Chloride has been lucky to have the Trustee come out personally. All of us are very grateful for his time and commitment!The work must be done by a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor; otherwise, the judge will not release the funds.

Some projects were completed: 

1. Upgrade electrical service in the Chloride Town Hall to 200 amp.

2. Acquire a new corrugated metal roof overlay to apply to existing roof of rear of Town Hall.


Other projects are currently in progress:

1. Fill in all holes and cracks on the outside and paint entire exterior including eaves;

2. Tear down the remaining drywall from the ceiling, re-insulate, drywall, tape, texture, and paint to match;

3. Install a propane forced air heater and two large swamp coolers;

4. Upgrade certain electrical outlets on the inside.

Residents have also voted to keep a rainy day fund of at least $20,000.

Videos of the Town Hall Meetings with Judge Gurtler are available on Please look for the Chloride Arizona Community Channel to watch.


​For future meetings of the Chloride Town Site Committee, please refer to the calendar