Shady Lady Attic Antiques
Shady Lady Attic Antiques is located at 4881 Payroll Street in Chloride, Arizona, and is one of Chloride's longest established businesses.  Sharron specializes in old collectibles, bottles and books.  She has tons of old glassware and she loves rocks!  If you are walking/hiking around Chloride, and you see stacked rocks, it is probably Sharron's doing.
Sharron is an artist when it comes to creating wind chimes, and hangings out of old memorabilia she collects on her walks through the desert.  She uses old barbed wire she collects to fashion beautiful crosses. 
Shady Lady Attic Antiques is open daily as long as the gate is open.  Her yard and the street in front of Shady Lady Attic Antiques is a picture taker's paradise, so don't forget your camera!
So come browse, chat, take photos and listen to stories of Chloride's past.  You just might find a treasure you cannot do without!  Sharron's artwork is definitely one of a kind.  And every piece of artwork has a story. This shop and the surrounding street is a must for every visitor to Chloride!

Chloride Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

PO Box 268

Chloride, Arizona 86431



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