Claim Your Treasure
4980 Tennessee Avenue, Chloride, AZ
(928) 565-4684
Claim Your Treasure is a must stop for visitors to this historic silver mining town.  The shop is located on Chloride's main street.  Claim Your Treasure's very own miner sits at the front door, and welcomes everyone to a shop full of goodies from across the street to around the world.
Chloride is full of crafty folks and Claim Your Treasure is proud to offer a variety of locally handmade items from jewelry, bird houses, and greeting cards, to lots of other fun items, as well as, magnets, western themed goodies, hats, post cards, shot glasses, collectibles, signs, books paintings and minerals.
What is Claim Your Treasure best known for?  Christmas, that's what.  You will find a room full of everything imaginable for Christmas.  We're talking ornaments galore, wreaths, lights, table decorations, bags, trees, and be sure to check out the enormous Christmas village that is up all year.
If you need information about Chloride and/or Arizona, Claim Your Treasure's friendly proprietor is full of it.